About Eskrima



Eskrima (also known as Arnis or Kali) is a weapons based Martial Art which comes from the Philippines. It has a very long history of combat effectiveness. Only recently has this art become more conspicuous in many countries and enjoyed the popularity of other more traditional Asian arts. Its difference from other Martial Arts is that the student is taught to train with weapons from the very start, rather than starting on empty hands training (like many martial arts do).

Despite first appearances, Eskrima is not just about wielding sticks…in fact most Filipino systems include several weapons categories that help to train the practitioner in empty hand skills as well as weapons. The weapons are often learnt first and the use of weapons enhances the empty hand skills of the student. In Dacayana Eskrima we pride ourselves in having a totally complete Martial Art System comprising of 14 Modules and covering all possible weapons, ranges, techniques, drills, skills, tools and applications. It explodes the myth of Eskrima being just ‘stick fighting’!

Dacayana Eskrima Cumbria through Dacayana UK teaches the family system of indigenous Filipino Martial Arts directly from Grandmaster Jun Dacayana whose Headquarters is in Cebu city Philippines.

Eskrima in the Movies and TV

In recent years Eskrima has made itself visible in Films such as:

The Bourne movies, with Matt Damon 

The Taken Movies, with Liam Neeson  

Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher

The Bond movie, Quantum of Solace with Daniel Craig 

The Equalizer movies and Book of Eli, with Denzil Washington

Rambo III,  with Sylvester Stallone 

The Hunted, with Tommy Lee Jones 

Under Seige, With Steven Seagal  

The Marvel TV Shows,  Daredevil and Arrow

…..all inspired by and choreographed using Eskrima / Arnis techniques and fighting methods.

These films have helped the Art gain recognition amongst the general public.

However, the level of effectiveness of the Art has been well known and used for years by many of the worlds elite military forces.