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How to join with Eskrima Cumbria.

Everyone wishing to join with Eskrima Cumbria does so by first attended one of our specialist 4-week beginners courses.  Our Beginners courses are specially designed to introduce you to the world of Dakayana Eskrima!  Once you have completed the beginner’s course you will then have the option to join regular twice-weekly classes to continue your studies.  Our 4-week beginner’s course comes with a Free set of Dacayana Eskrima sticks and a Free Club T-shirt! 

Why a beginners course?

The beginner’s course will introduce you to the basic fundamentals of Dacayana Eskrima.  All your class members and you start at the same place, all beginners together, no fears of feeling out of place around more experienced students.

Saves you money! Starting out in any Martial art can be expensive, Our beginner’s course help keep the costs and commitment down.

Purchased separately, The Eskrima sticks and club shirt that are provided free on the course have an RRP value equal to that of the cost of the course! Running our courses this way effectively Halves the cost of becoming a member under the more traditional way of signing up to a monthly fee plus buying your training equipment!

Less Commitment, Do you really know it is for you? Why sign up for several months in advance? Our Beginner course is just 4 weeks long, this is a great short term period for you to decide on if the system is what you want and to make a more committed choice to join the club in the future!

Like to join one of our Beginners courses? drop us a message to find out if we have a course near you soon!